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International Online Workshop in Wine Tourism - Registration available

Publié le 24 août 2020, Mis à jour le 24 août 2020

The 2nd International Research Workshop on Wine Tourism, co-organized by the Corporate Chair in “Wine and Tourism”, will be held online September 17-18, 2020.



The Corporate Chair Wine and Tourism, with the support of the EM Strasbourg Business School and the University of South Australia Business School, co-organise the 2nd International Research Workshop in Wine Tourism: Challenges, Innovation and Futures, with the support of the French Association of Tourism Management (AFMAT) affiliated to the French Foundation of Management Education (FNEGE).

The workshop is designed to gather both wine and tourism professionals and researchers in order to discuss the current challenges for the wine tourism industry and delineate its future directions. 

More information about the program on the event website.
The organizing committee
Yosr BEN TAHAR, Paris School of Business, France
Coralie HALLER, EM Strasbourg Business School, France
Charlotte MASSA, EM Strasbourg Business School, France
Marianna SIGALA, University of South Australia, Australia

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