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4th French-German Workshop on Consumer Empowerment and Transformative Services

Publié le 17 juillet 2015, Mis à jour le 4 septembre 2019

Date(s) : 01 octobre - 02 octobre
Horaire(s) : Toute la journée

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Our research group has been created in 2001 with the target to stimulate French and German research about emerging marketing topics and consumer behaviors.

We focus particularly on common work about Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management Tools, e-technologies, e-service systems in Marketing, emerging customer behaviors, such as customer empowerment. 10 workshops have already been organized, between 2001 and 2014. Therefore we are lucky that numerous researchers, both from France and Germany will join our 11th research meeting in October 2015 in Strasbourg. This workshop focuses on two “hot topics", which we try to interlink: Transformative Service/Consumer Research and Consumer Empowerment.

This workshops focus on how digital technologies affect consumers. Our research seeks to understand how digital services and technologies can be designed to improve individual wellbeing.

Second, in order to create value new marketing strategies seek to empower the customers by initiating and/or controlling specific customer involving strategies. For that firms may enroll customers as co-producer and/or -creators for value creation participation (Von Hippel 1986; Franke et al., 2009 & 2010; Fuchs & Prandelli, 2010, Füller et al. 2010). Customers engage with service providers and play an increasing active, rather than passive role, in co-production/-creation of marketing activities (e.g. co-creation of products, collaborative services, communication, prices, and distribution). The resources made available through service technologies and systems offer people access to new self - transforming and skilled consumers, who are transforming the nature of the market itself (Edvardsson et al. 2011).

The research presented in this workshop aims at showing how these digital technologies and service systems impact the customers’ well-being and happiness. In particular, when the Internet first emerged, many believed it would empower consumers by providing them with better, faster information and more ways of communication. Today’s some of these promises seem unfulfilled. Information overload, excess reachability, reduced privacy, and lack of service responsiveness have become threats for individual wellbeing.

This research workshopp contributes to understand how firms can better use the Internet for their purposes or how consumers are affected by the digital transformation. Moreover, presentations are likely to be interesting for policy makers who are increasingly concerned with both wellbeing as societal outcome, but also with establishing service standards in the digital universe (e.g., with regard to data protection). All presentations will be informal and aim at creating a stimulating discussion about these emerging themes in marketing.
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Registration fees

90€ for Academics
60€ for PhD Students

includes conference proceedings, dinner on October 1st, coffee breaks and lunches.
Travel expenses and accommodation are the responsibility of the participants.

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Anne-Sophie WIRA
Research Administration

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