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  • Claire ROEDERER "Speedy Tuesday: Omega’s Adoption of Communication 4.0", in : I.Cantista, "in :Understanding Luxury Fashion", Palgrave McMillan, 1 ed., 2020, (with F.Courvoisier)
  • Hélène LANGINIER 14th GEM, Strasbourg, 2020
  • Ridha DERROUICHE "Special Issue «Supply Chain 4.0", (with S. Gamoura, S. Lamouri), Logistique & Management, Vol. 1-2020, 2020 [FNEGE rang 4]
  • Ridha DERROUICHE Special Issue «Big Data Analytics: Applications and Applicability in Management», International Journal of Spatio-Temporal Data Science, Inderscience, 2020, (with S. Gamoura, Y. Yao)
  • Ridha DERROUICHE IEEE 8th International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport, IEEE-ICALT’20, Strasbourg, 2020
  • Marc BARTH ""ENTREPOT DU FUTUR : LE CONCEPT DE CARTOGRAPHIE DE CONTRADICTIONS", (Dmitry Kucharavy, David Damand, Marc Barth, Samia Gamoura), Logistique ", Logistique & Management, 2020 [FNEGE rang 4]
  • Marc BARTH ""Cross-Management of Risks in Big Data-Driven Industries by the use of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps", Samia Gamoura, Marc Barth), Logistique ", Logistique & Management, 2020 [FNEGE rang 4]
  • Claire ROEDERER "Experiential Staging in the Urban Space: Video Mapping of Places and Non-places", (with R.Revat), International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 21, n° 2, December 2019, 15-26 [CNRS cat. 4 / FNEGE rang 4 / HCERES]
  • Richard HUAMAN RAMIREZ "Bridge employment and full retirement intentions: the role of Person-Environment fit", (with K. Lahlouh, D. Lacaze), Personnel Review, Vol. 48, n° 6, September 2019, 1469-1490 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
  • Claire ROEDERER "When social intrusiveness depletes customer value: a balanced perspective on the agency of simultaneous sharers in a commercial sharing experience", (with F.Simon), Psychology and Marketing, septembre 2019, 1-16 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 2 / HCERES]
  • Nada MAANINOU "Perceived Brand Age: What Does It Mean? How Can it Help With Brand Positioning?", AMS 22nd World Marketing Congress, Édimbourg, Royaume-Uni, July 2019, (with N. Maaninou, R. Huaman-Ramirez)
  • Célia LEMAIRE "How interpretive and critical teacher-researchers in accounting infuse research into their lessons - a research note", (with P. Paquin), Qualitative research in accounting and management, July 2019 [CNRS cat. 4]
  • SAMIA GAMOURA Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in Business, Mulhouse, France, juin 2019
  • Coralie HALLER International Research Workshop on Wine Tourism: Challenges and PerspectivesChaire Vin et Tourisme, Strasbourg , June 2019
  • Raficka HELLAL-GUENDOUZI "Modes, processus et stratégies d’acculturation alimentaire des expatriés professionnels", 9ème conférence de l'ATLAS-AFMI, le national face au global : nouvelles perspectives pour le Management international, Fribourg (Suisse), juin 2019, (with Sihem DEKHILI)
  • Caroline MERDINGER-RUMPLER "Performance individuelle au sein d’une équipe d’étudiants entrepreneurs : en quoi l’équipe influence-t-elle la capacité d’agir de ses membres ? ", Questions de Pédagogie dans l'Enseignement Supérieur, Brest, juin 2019, (with O. Bourachnikova, C. Sauter)
  • Landisoa RABESON "To app or not to app? Investigation of the impact of non-commercial mobile application on luxury brand identity.", 48th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Hamburg, Germany, May 2019, (with D. Plotkina)
  • Nada MAANINOU "Brand oldness associations: Identification of dimensions and measurement", Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada., May 2019, (with N. Maaninou, R. Huaman-Ramirez, V. Cova)
  • YUAN YAO "Improve proactive resilience of network through capitalizing: a case study from an urban logistics network in several irregular snows", 19th CSCMP European Research Seminar on Logistics SCM , Warsaw, Poland, May 2019, (with X. YI)
  • Raficka HELLAL-GUENDOUZI "Food Acculturation of Professional Expatriates: A Cross-Cultural Study", Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference 2019, Marketing Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Global Marketplace, Vancouver, Canada, May 2019, (with Sihem DEKHILI)

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