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  • Claire ROEDERER "Experiential Staging in the Urban Space: Video Mapping of Places and Non-places", (with R.Revat), International Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 21, n° 2, December 2019, 15-26 [CNRS cat. 4 / FNEGE rang 4 / HCERES]
  • Landisoa RABESON "To app or not to app? Investigation of the impact of non-commercial mobile application on luxury brand identity.", 48th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Hamburg, Germany, mai 2019, (with D. Plotkina)
  • Nada MAANINOU "Brand oldness associations: Identification of dimensions and measurement", 2019 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada., May 2019, (with Richard Huaman-Ramirez)
  • Raficka HELLAL-GUENDOUZI "Food Acculturation of Professional Expatriates: A Cross-Cultural Study", Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference 2019, Marketing Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Global Marketplace, Vancouver, Canada, May 2019, (with Sihem DEKHILI)
  • Richard HUAMAN RAMIREZ "Bridge employment and full retirement intentions: the role of Person-Environment fit", (with K. Lahlouh, D. Lacaze), Personnel Review, Vol. (in press), avril 2019 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
  • Raficka HELLAL-GUENDOUZI "I am Open to Eat What is in Front of Me in the Host Country: A Comprehension of Expatriates’ Acculturation", in : Rossi P., Krey N. (eds) , "in :Finding New Ways to Engage and Satisfy Global Customers. AMSWMC 2018. Developmen", Springer, Cham, April 2019, , pp. 867-868 (with Sihem DEKHILI)
  • Richard HUAMAN RAMIREZ ""Are global brands trustworthy? The role of brand affect, brand innovativeness, and consumer ethnocentrism"", (with N. Albert, D. Merunka), European Business Review, Vol. in press, 2019 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
  • David DAMAND "Supply Chain Planning: potential generalization of parameterization rules based on a literature review", (with david damand, Ridha Derrouiche, Marc Barth, Samia Gamoura), Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 2019 [CNRS cat. 4 / FNEGE rang 3]
  • Coralie HALLER International Research Workshop: Wine Tourism - Challenges and PerspectivesChaire Vin et Tourisme, Strasbourg , 2019
  • Coralie HALLER "The role of proximities in the development of wine tourism practices: the case of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and South Australia", in : Tournois, N. and Very, P., "in :Open Internartionalisation", Vuibert, 2019, (with Bédé, D., Bédé, S.)
  • Laurence VIALE "Facilitating Radical Innovation Through Targeted Purchasing Practices? The case of SMEs. Avec Zouari et Samuel. Ipsera conference.", IPSERA, Milan, 2019, (with D. Zouari, K. Samuel)
  • YUAN YAO "Comment développer des supply chains résilientes? ", in : Rouquet, A., and Fabbe-Costes, N., "in : La logistisation du monde. Chroniques sur une révolution en cours", Presses Universitaires de Provence, 1 ed., 2019
  • Lovanirina RAMBOARISON-LALAO "Classroom interdisciplinary diversity and entrepreneurial intentions", (with L. Padilla-Angulo, R Díaz-Pichardo, P. Sánchez-Medina), Education Training, 2019
  • SAMIA GAMOURA "State and Trends of Machine Learning Approaches in Business: An Empirical Review", International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics in Engineering (ICAIAME 2019), Antalya, Turquie, 2019, (with halil Ibrahim Koruca)
  • Richard HUAMAN RAMIREZ "Brand experience effects on brand attachment: the role of brand trust, age, and income", (with D. Merunka), European Business Review, Vol. 31, n° 5, 2019 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
  • Charlotte MASSA "The impact of organic private label on retailer perceptions and recommendation and shopping intent towards a retailer.", 35ème Congrès de l'Association Française du Marketing, Le Havre, France, 2019, (with Busca L., Castéran G. , Plotkina D. )
  • Gilles LAMBERT "Appropriation du capital humain par une entreprise certifiée ISO 9001 au travers des mécanismes de conversion des connaissances", (with ARAB Abdellah), Revue Algérienne des Ressources Humaines, Vol. 3, n° 1, 2019
  • Lovanirina RAMBOARISON-LALAO "Examining gender effects on leadership among future managers: comparing Hofstede’s masculine vs. feminine countries", (with K. Gannouni), Management International, 2019 [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 2 / HCERES]
  • SAMIA GAMOURA "التعزيز غير اللساني للخطاب المنطوق Non-verbal reinforcement in the session", Journal of Cultural, Linguistic and Artistic Studies, Vol. 5, n° ISSN 2625-8943, 2019 (with H. Kerrouche)
  • SAMIA GAMOURA "Development of a Flexible Software for Disassembly Line Balancing with Heurıstic Methods", International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics in Engineering (ICAIAME 2019), 2019, (with Ü. Kaya, H. I. Koruca)

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