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HuManiS - EM Strasbourg Business School EM Strasbourg
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HuManiS - EM Strasbourg Business School
Bringing together approximately fifty researchers, the research center HuManiS (Humans and Management in Society, UR 7308), headed by Professor Sébastien Point, focuses on research in the major fields of management.
HuManiS is a key player in increased competition between universities and business schools. The quality of projects and dynamic areas of research at HuManiS attract researchers from France and abroad.
The research center aims to unite researchers around common themes or methodological considerations. The primary research themes explored within the research center revolve around three major focus areas:

Global Talent Management & Social Responsibilities
Faced with the societal challenges of sustainable development, companies today must proactively engage in implementing a CSR policy. Ethics and CSR in multinational firms remain two major overarching and emerging themes within this research focus uniting researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds.
The opening up of markets and the development of emerging countries increase the heterogeneity of local environments in which multinationals may find themselves. This situation leads us to rethink the way global actors consider local specificities. In such a context, the internationalization of human resources constitutes a major theme uniting several researchers around this research focus.

Marketing & Digitalization
Research surrounding the focus Marketing & Digitalization covers three main areas: customer experience, responsible consumption, and the adoption and use of digital technologies. These three current topics are of concern to managers and organizations in both the private and public sectors. To respond to the many challenges posed by orchestrating customer experience and implementing digital technologies or responsible consumption, the research focus Marketing & Digitalization promotes applied research relating to the problems encountered by companies in order to propose solutions to organizations.

Entrepreneurship & Management of Change
Research in the focus area Entrepreneurship & Management of Change, which is conducted in a wide variety of contexts, reveals original perspectives, both in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation and in terms of managing change and organizations. We aim to contribute to renewing concepts that underpin our scientific corpus in management sciences. This is achieved through the richness of perspectives gained and knowledge accumulated over several years by our researchers in the fields of knowledge management, community and network dynamics, dynamic capabilities management, nondeterministic innovation phenomena based on experimentation, diversity, circularity in companies, or change in organizations.

The research center’s current momentum is in line with developing the international dimension of research and consolidating skills in research methodology.
Sébastien Point, Director of HuManiS, EM Strasbourg

Key figures (2019)

  • 31 articles (FNEGE/CNRS)
  • 7 articles (SHS)
  • 2 case studies
  • 15 book chapters
  • 1 study
  • 5 working papers
  • 9 PhD thesis defenses
  • 1 defense (HDR)

Augustin Cournot Doctoral School

HuManiS (UR 7308) is a member of Augustin Cournot Doctoral School.

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Date of update March 9, 2020

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